About Natalie

I, Natalie Caula, was born on December 27th, 1983 in Miami, Florida to Vilma Zamora and Tony Caula. Miami was my hometown for 18 years before I moved to Gainesville, Florida where I attended the University of Florida (Go Gators!). My first job in television journalism brought me to Charleston, South Carolina where I've been living since 2007. 

But before I move forward, let me recount some important moments of my family's past that have helped build my character. My grandparents, on both sides of the family, moved to Miami following an exile from Cuba. They came to the United States with so little but prospered with each other. My grandfather, Wilfredo Zamora, was able to get some items out of the country, including what is now my engagement ring. 

I wear it with such pride and joy knowing what it represents in my family's past and what it now means to my future. 

About Christopher


I, Christopher Hauff, was born in Groton, Conneticut on December 7th, 1987 to Bill and Pam Hauff.  My family and I lived in Groton for only a few years while I was a toddler.  We then moved to South Carolina when dad got out of the Navy and scored a job with a contractor in the palmetto state.  

After graduating from Stratford High School in 2006, I attended the University of South Carolina.  I am proud to say that while going to South Carolina my Gamecocks reversed the tide with Natalie's Gators.  And, though she may not come out and say it, both of us know that USC now has the superior football team.  

My first job out of college brought me back down the 100 miles of I-26 to ABC News 4 in Mount Pleasant where I happily live now.  

How we met

Christopher and I met at ABC News 4 Charleston, SC. I had been working as a reporter for about 4 years already when a young (and younger) man started as our new producer. 

After a few months at our station, suddenly Christopher was joining the group of co-workers who would go out to dinner together once a week. All of them were female. Christopher was in heaven. 

The group outings would get smaller each week until my conversations with Christopher started to become more frequent. Despite his contradictory recollection of this event, I asked him out. Lucky for me though, he said yes. 

Christopher Hauff stole my heart, right under my nose and I don't want it back. 

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